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Mrs. Michigan-America

Former Queens

2018- Jodi Byers (Best State Costume at Mrs. America)
2017- Jessica Mason
2016- Chrstina Ackerman
2015- Shaylett Stuckey (Mrs. Congeniality & Best State Costume @ Mrs. America)
2014- Rebecca Scholten 
​2013- Laura Zdravkovski (Top 15 at Mrs. America)
2012- Lisa Hemmie 
2011- Teresa Tefaya (Top 15 at Mrs. America)
2010- Stephanie Hunt (Best State Costume at Mrs. America)
2009- Lynette Lezotte
2008- Sara Moylan
2007- Jody Bernhardt (Fitness Winner at Mrs. America)
​1990- Sheila Sirgo

Miss Michigan for America

Former Queens

Mrs. Indiana American

Former Queens

Calling All Former Titleholders!

Are you a part of our sisterhood? Do you see any corrections/additions that need to be made to our current list? Feel free to reach out to Julie at We would love to hear from you!

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